When it comes to social change, we’ve been conditioned to believe that it emanates only from elite institutions and invite-only events hosted in coastal cities and ski-resorts. And, as intended (or, maybe not), some of us from small towns and rural communities have trouble standing up, speaking out, and sharing our vision of the world with those around us. I know I did. I grew up in a small-town in the southwest corner of Ohio. I remember the first time I was called a “social innovator”. My first thought was nah, not me. I don’t have the background or pedigree. It took years for me to say what it was that I wanted to say. I don’t want you to have to wait as long.

So, if you are from a small-town or a rural community and you want to shape the arc of social change, I’m here to tell you that you can. Hell, I’m here to tell you that you are exactly what we need. Your background, path, history, family, community, crazy relatives, the whole tangled mess of your upbringing is a gift. All of it gives you one-of-a-kind ideas, angles, perspectives, and interpretations of our society. All of it gives you a voice that is yours and yours alone. No one can see what you see. No one can create what you are going to create. Because, no one has lived the American experience like you have. And, honest to goodness, right now, our collective tomorrow needs to hear your voice today.


It’s a punch-above-your-pedigree, do-it-yourself project-building blueprint that gets you and your work started in a boot-strapping, sustainable, self-funding manner.


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Check off the Checklist. with every step you need to take enumerated (with links to all the free tools you need to do what you want to do).


Starting too soon. You cannot figure out the why of your work by thinking alone. You need to act. So, we’re gonna have you pressing return, hitting publish and sharing your work with the world in all its incomplete and imperfect glory. Trust us, you’ll survive.

Outpacing your fears. They’re real. They’re powerful. And, giving them the space and time to be heard and reflected upon is key. However, we’re also gonna share your work with the world too quickly and unabashedly for them to get in the way.

Finding your singular stance in the social good space. The world is not changed by innocuous. Weird wins the day. So, while some may say that you and your work is rough around the edges, we’ll ask you to sharpen them and find your niche.


If you walk the streets of your small town or rural community imagining the world differently, imagining it better, more just and livable, more democratic, humane, and beautiful then “Yes” it’s for you.

If you are from NYC, Boston, LA, the Valley, Denver, Austin, or Portland, then you can just move on along.

No Ivies or near-Ivies either. Now, I’m sure you’re all good people. And, I know you all are accustomed to accessing any and every space you want. Not this space, though. And, I get it.  Rejection is hard. But you getting in here is not going to happen. So, please don’t send your opportunity hoarding parents my way with a bribe.


So, yeah, you can enroll for free in this course. But, life as a “Garager” (that’s what we call ourselves) asks a non-remunerative price. We have high expectations. And, we’re gonna hold you to them. Because, failure to do the work that needs to be done not only delays your transformation into a self-aware, globally conscious kick-ass human being. It also forestalls the emergence of a better world and tarnishes our reputation. Not doing the work is not acceptable. But, life as a “Garager” also has its benefits. We usually get overlooked by traditional power brokers (at least for a period of time). This is good. Because, we don’t get crushed by their expectations. We also don’t show up in their peripheral vision. This gives us creep. And, there are few things more rewarding than the look on the faces of some of those who are sitting at the big table when we show up understaffed, under-resourced, and sitting alongside of them. Well, one thing is better. And, that’s turning down their invitation in the first place. Because we’re too busy building our own tables, in our towns.


You don’t need more time. You need a kick in the ass. We’ll give it to you.

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